International Survey: Are you happy with GMP- compliance, inspections and audits?

GMP-Compliance-Index 2017

The GMP-Compliance-Index encompasses the satisfaction of medicinal drug manufacturers with GMP inspections and GMP audits. 

We are sorry, but the survey 2017 is already closed and you cannot participate anymore.  


  • Do you struggle with the GMP regulations and compliance requirements?
  • Do you sometimes think it could all be so much easier?
  • Have you ever asked yourself how your counterparts feel about the situation?
  • Do you wonder whether your opinion is right? 

The GMP Compliance Index asks for your professional opinion, analyzes the answers and prepares a summary report - anonymously and confidentially!

Your Benefit

As an extra bonus for your participation you will receive a summary of the results (value 69 €) free of charge.

The summary will provide the results of the survey and give you an insight into how GMP inspections and audits are seen by your colleagues.

Topics covered by the GMP-Compliance-Index

The survey covers 

  • inspections by authorities (part 1) and 
  • audits by suppliers (part 2) 

and comprises 13 to 25 questions

You may find that you only need to answer part 1 (i.e. manufacture by marketing authorization holder), or part II (i.e. machine supplier) or both parts I and II (i.e. contract manufacturer). 

By answering anonymously you will find that the time required to complete the questionnaire will vary. However, it should not take more than about 15 to 20 minutes.


What will happen to your data?

We will evaluate the data, summarize them, write a report of the outcome and publicize a summary. As participant you will receive this summary free of charge.

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